The Very Best Cyber Monday Deals

We scoured the Internet for the best Cyber Monday deals. You can sit in the comfort of your cubicle and buy, buy, buy! All without having to fight off hordes of shopping zombies. We also wanted to mention that you can still visit online coupon websites to find further discounts, I recently was able to find a great target coupon.

Many new sellers tend to seek specific tips to shorten the procedure of becoming started selling on classifieds as an independent seller. The marketplace is such a vast sea to navigate and is often tricky at times. When you are new to Shoppok, it’s best to begin slowly, master the landscape, get to know the rules, learn about the fee schedule, and then grow your business, and if you have workers and you can use a 2-week pay tools for this purpose. But even after all that hard work, there are still pitfalls waiting to derail you and make the whole process seem as complex as a rocket launching a small satellite.



Fire HD 10

Amazon brings out the Fire HD 10 ($170). It’s the largest and thinnest tablet by Amazon yet. The specs put it on par with the best tablets out there. A great gift for anyone looking for a functional, powerful tablet.

[Fire HD 10, $170]


Samsung 48″ 4K TV + Extras

‘Tis the season to watch football. And to do it on massive 4K quality. Get in on the 48″ Samsung 4K set for $600. Six large! It gets you a sound bar, an amplified HDTV antenna, a Belkin surge protector, and a pair of HDMI cables for free.

All those add-ons go for $150 on Amazon, so you’re making out like a bandit with this deal.

[Samsung 48″ 4K TV + Extras, $600]

Men’s Gifts


Still need a gift for the man in your life? Or just looking for some good shaving technology? Get the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor.

$10 gets you a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor, a couple of extra cartridges, a can of shave gel, and a travel case. This works great if you need an add-on item at Amazon.

[Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor Gift Set, $10]

Kindle Unlimited


So you like to read. Nerdlinger! We feel ya. Ideas are awesome. Get in on the Kindle Unlimited deal. It’s basically Netflix for ebooks and audiobooks.

Amazon gives you an awesome, very rare deal today for Cyber Monday. HUGE discounts on the Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. 25% off a 6-month sub, 33% off a 12-month and a full 40% off a 2-year sub. Seriously good deal for the reader in your life.

[Up to 40% off a Kindle Unlimited Subscription]

Kindle Ebook & Audiobook Deals

kindle book

Already have a Kindle? Amazon has discounted over 800 books to pennies on the dollar. Ok, not sure if they’re pennies, but they’re cheap! And these aren’t crappy, no-name books.

You’ll get heavy hitters such as Go Set a Watchman, The Nightingale, The Paris Architect, and Ben Carson’s autobiography, as well as historical nonfiction like Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters, and Not in Your Lifetime: The Defining Book on the J.F.K. Assassination.

The books are dirt cheap (a few bucks), so why not feed your mind?

Don’t have a Kindle? They’re really good prices for something you’ll use regularly. Try out the basic model ($50) or the Paperwhite ($100) model, both on sale now.

[Cyber Monday Kindle Sale]

Amazon Warehouse Deals


Getting those big ticket items from the Amazon Warehouse can save you some extra cash. Right now, you get 15% off everything you find.

Yea, open box and used items may be a little ugggh. But, they come from Amazon, and you get the support of their great customer service. Plus, these discounts don’t come around much, so better hop on them now.

Use their search function to find Amazon Warehouse-specific items and the 15% goes through automatically.

[15% off Amazon Warehouse Products]

UPS Power Backups


Do you like losing your work in a power outage? Nah, no one days. Today only, Amazon marks down this 900 watt/1500-volt APC UPS to just $140, or about $60-$75 less than its usual price. 46% off on something that rarely goes on sale.

If you work on a desktop computer, this will save your butt in power outages. If gives you time to backup your work and obviously, protects from surges. Consider it insurance. Even if you’re using a laptop or mobile devices at home, you can still use this to power up anything plugged in until the power comes on.

It’s a Gold Box deal, so the price is available only for today and while availability lasts.

[CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS 1500VA 900W PFC Compatible Mini-Tower, $140]

(Image: Courtesy WATE)

Barnes & Noble Nook HD+

Not since that one fight between TV news teams have I seen a battle as fierce as the clash of the <cue dramatic music> BOOK-SELLING TITANS! It’s Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble, and in the tablet theater, it’s the Kindle Fire HD vs. the newly announced Nook HD+ ($269 for 16GB). Coming in at nine-inches, the HD+  brags about the fact that it features no annoying ads and comes with a free power adapter–two direct shots at Amazon’s product. The 1,920-by-1,280 display can play 1080p HD video, and Barnes & Noble says the 3:2 aspect ratio means less letterboxing with video content than on the iPad. This is war(like)!

DODOcase for Kindle Fire

Apparently, you can judge a book by its cover. The kindle fire, the 2nd most popular tablet next to the iPad, now has a handcrafted case to call its own. Priced at $44.95 and available here, the Kindle Fire case is made from black Moroccan cloth and is designed with sound outlets to allow audio transfer from the speakers. It comes in a variety of colors…red, blue, green and charcoal…and it even has an elastic strap to keep the tablet safe and secure.  For even more protection, the DODOcase supports the Kindle Fire in a durable, eco-friendly bamboo tray. So, basically it looks like a hardback book when all is said and done, offering yet another security feature as a “disguise” for your Kindle Fire. For that personal touch, you can even get your Fire monogrammed. This is definitely one gift that will have you saying, “one for you, one for me.”