The Popinator: Say ‘Pop’ to Shoot Popcorn into your Mouth

The company Popcorn, Indiana makes some damn fine popcorn, but they’ve done raised their game to a ridiculous new level. Introducing the┬áPopinator, a voice-activated popcorn shooter that sends a delicious kernel into the air every time you say “Pop.”┬áThe fully automated machine can pinpoint wherever the magic words were spoken from and then send the popcorn soaring in that direction, all from up to 15 feet away. So what happens if you say “hop” or “cop” instead of pop? I suppose worst case scenario, a piece of unintended popcorn is flung your way. Better leave room for it.

LG Door-in-a-Door Fridge

The last time we checked in on refrigerator tech, we were seeing TVs in ’em. But that fad died out quick once people realized it just meant another place to get assaulted by Wayne Brady’s antics. Now this, LG’s Super-Capacity Refrigerator with Door-In-Door, is smart science. Instead of opening up the entire fridge for that one can of Mr. Pibb, the secret door allows you to store the items you grab more frequently. Or, if a Brady family member happens to visit, just hide the remote in there.