Quaffer Shot Glasses: Built-In Chaser Means One Less Cup To Wash

There’s at least one guy who wouldn’t have any use for these shot glasses by Quaffer ($8 for a set of 4). His name is Shoenice and he chugs bottles of Wild Turkey, Patron, and mayonnaise. But he’s “special.” The rest of us do occasionally need a chaser for the hard stuff, and these plastic glasses are a great way to save time (and dishes). Just pour 1 1/2 oz of your shot on top, and 2 1/2 oz of your favorite chaser on the bottom, and you’re ready to wash down the worst liquids known to man.

Rollie Eggmaster: Must… Have… Egg… Kabobs

If I told you that just $30 stands between you and a lifetime of enjoying eggs on a stick, is there any way you would believe me? Please believe me. We may not have flying cars yet, but by god we do have the Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System; proof of our living in the 21st century if I ever saw it. Just crack your egg, pour it in and watch it rise to the delicious occasion in mere minutes. Sure you can make other things in the Rollie, but when egg kabobs are within an arm’s reach, you don’t mess with anything else.

Le Whaf Carafe

Get a whiff of Le Whaf ($150), the latest trippy invention out of France. While the digital storage cloud is all the rage these days, inventors Marc Bretillot and David Edwards have brought us a different type of cloud–one you can sip. When a specially made drink like liquid lemon tart is poured into the carafe, the next step is pouring that cloud of flavor into your glass and enjoying it via a specially designed straw. This is not that straw.

Top Gear Bottle Opener

Stop using your teeth to open your beer bottles; it’s bad for the beer and… well, that it I guess. Instead whip out the Top Gear bottle opener, an eye-catching piece of chrome-plated brass that quickly unlocks the hops-flavored genie in your bottle with a simple turn in any direction. 84 degrees southwest? Yup. 43 degrees north-northeast? Certainly. How about a turn to the dark side? Sure, we said any direction and we meant it.

Marshall Fridge

Since the band broke up, you’ve been a little glum. You really thought that reggae cover version of “Here I Go Again On My Own” was destined for the charts. Cheer up, mon! The Marshall Fridge ($299) will remind you of the glory days while keeping your tear-ready beer ice-cold. Perfectly resembling a half-stack amp on the outside and a fridge on the inside, this little conversation piece is sure to keep your Greek yogurt from spoiling, even if your dreams of stardom have long gone sour.

Switchblade Spork

Bringing a knife to a gunfight? Crappy idea. But bringing Archie McPhee’s Switchblade Spork? Yeahhh baby. Squash that beef between the Sharks and Jets or scoop up some particularly chunky apple sauce with this utilitarian utensil that costs just $7. This metal and plastic food-fetcher snaps open with the push of a button to 11″ long and even features a safety lock. I think these are the weapons the guys had in the “Beat It” video. Or was it “Eat It”? Whatever.

Froth and Pour Hot Chocolate Pot

It’s that time of year once again…time for bulky sweaters, fruit cakes (ugh), unwanted guests, and warm hot chocolate. And chances are you still have the patience of a four year old. You huff and puff in holiday shopping lines, and you spout out turret-like profanities in holiday traffic. But the good news is…you don’t have to wait for your beloved hot chocolate! With the press of a button, you can have hot chocolate from the Froth & Pour Hot Chocolate Pot (insulated) in an instant. Just combine the milk and chocolate then heat in the microwave. Voila! Perfect hot chocolate every time.

Field Kitchen by Kanz

With summer camping season upon us, it’s time to consider new equipment. The Field Kitchen by Kanz is a slick, sturdy outdoor container for your camping stove and cookware. A combination of birch plywood panels and marine-quality aluminum panels provides strong, light weight housing for your 2- and 3-burner stoves. The optional legs turn this into a freestanding unit. Without any accessories or stoves, it retails for $595.