Kixbox 2012 Calendar

If the world is gonna end in 2012, you might as well enjoy each day, right? There’s no better way to prepare for the oncoming apocalypse than with a bevy of beautifully photographed Russian models, and that’s exactly what the Kixbox 2012 Calendar delivers. Kixbox is a Russian fashion retailer and store operator, but really, does that matter? No. What matters is that they’ve assembled an amazing cast of visually arresting porcelain-skinned beauties for you to gawk at. With names like Arina Kykyshkina,  Anna Alexandrova, and  Kristina Aleshina, they’ve got more A’s than Oakland, but they’re much hotter, too. For some sadistic reason, there are only 100 copies available starting December 15th at Hit the jump for more pics. Most are SFW.

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