Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air

In yet another crushing blow to the IWA (International Wire Association), there is now another cool wireless way to stream music, as iTunes users can stream their music to the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air powered speaker system. The G-17 wirelessly connects with any Wi-Fi-enabled device that uses iTunes, letting you crank up that Celine Dion* the second you walk through the door. AirPlay technology allows multiple speaker systems to function simultaneously, so if your heart needs to go on in the bathroom, set up a G-17 in there too, boss. The built-in speakers include a pair of 3/4″ aluminum tweeters with Klipsch’s Tractrix horn technology that produces clear, crisp sound, while the pair of 2-1/2″ long-throw woofers bring the bass. Enjoy the freedom for $549.

* Your secret’s safe with us.