ButterUp Knife

You know what sucks? Trying to spread cold butter on bread. Usually you end up with clumps of butter randomly spread out over the bread. No bueno. The ButterUp Knife by DM Initiative wants to save you from eating butter clumps. The Australian-based designers discovered having a grater spreads cold butter much better. So, they went ahead and added a serrated edge to the ButterUp Knife. The edge aerates the butter making it easier to spread. Check out their Kickstarter and order one now.

Cardsharp 4: Back and Even Stabbier

The Cardsharp 4, even stabbier! Maybe the Cardsharp 4 ($90) won’t use that slogan, but it beats back Cardsharps 1-3 with a thinner and sharper design. The unit now comes with an all-aluminum knife and housing, a 2 part safety lock and a spring-loaded hinge to prevent sagging and keep everything flat in open and closed positions. No wayward slicing. Stainless steel material accounts for an even sharper blade. All this comes at a price though, as the Cardsharp 4 leaps in price from $23 to $90. Quite a bit more than a Swiss army knife, but the Cardsharp 4 looks much cooler cutting open packages and knifing paper.

Damascus Pocket Knife: Cheddar Just Met Its Match

Cheese is always a quick and tasty appetite suppressor, but when your sharp cheddar is sharper than your kitchen knife, you’re only gonna wind up with a sizable slice of suffering. Show that cheese who’s boss with the Damascus Pocket Knife ($500), a finely made blade featuring a carbon fiber handle with 120 layers of Swedish rose stainless Damascus steel on the liner and blade. We also recommend a blowtorch for grilled cheese sandwiches.

CHELSEA MILLER KNIVES: A Family That Cuts Together…

Chelsea Miller comes from a family of knife makers in Vermont, where hey, if you’re not gonna be making cheese, you might as well be making the tools to cut it, right? Her knives are made from high carbon steel that’s been repurposed from discarded files and tools. “Ancient traditional materials for the modern world” is what she calls them, and we’re not about to argue with a knife-knowledgeable woman. If you are looking for an affordable knives on https://viebelles.com/ you can find quality products at a reasonable price.

Blackwater Grizzly 6 “SERE” Knife: Survive And Advance

Whether it’s the NBA Playoffs or the post-apocalyptic wilderness, the basic rule in life is survive and advance. The Blackwater Grizzly 6 “SERE” Knife ($150) helps you cut through brush, animal skin, or Craig Sager’s latest sports coat. SERE stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, and with the Particle Vapor Deposition (PVD) coated Niolox tool steel from Witten, Germany, the thing’s totally gonna stay razor-sharp after gutting a grizzly or a Grizzlie (which the people of Memphis would surely frown on, btw).

Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife: Oppossum Slayer And Much More

Fact: Every 7 seconds in this country someone is the victim of an opossum attack. Don’t run into this fiendish marsupial without protection (non-sexual). Get the Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife ($32) and walk the streets with peace of mind knowing you own a tool made from high-grade stainless steel that fights off opossums as well as it does rust and corrosion. The 2.5-inch blade (3.4-inches when closed) won’t take up much space in your pocket, and the rubberized Techhide coating makes for a steady grip. You’re gonna need that grip when you encounter one of these hideous creatures, most likely inside your Baby Grand piano.

Gerber Daily Carry Tools: Way Better Than Strained Peas

When I heard that Gerber had a new set of small, lightweight tools, I naturally assumed they were being aimed at the growing number of infants who both need and deserve functioning screwdrivers. Yeah, turns out this is a different Gerber. But that doesn’t mean the tools are any less impressive. Choose from a selection of blades, combination bottle opener/LED lights, and more, each weighing in at just an ounce, or the equivalent of two tablespoons of pureed peas & carrots.

All Black 34 Grams Pocket Knife: Slice With Style

True, when you’re roughing it in the woods there aren’t many people around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t  float a little style out there as you fend for your life. The 34 Grams Pocket Knife ($60) from Baladeo not only weighs less than Belgian waffle, but the stainless steel blade also is housed in an appealing black titanium coating. Look good while you skin that wild boar, man, look good.