Vool Wooden Laptop Stand: Double-Stuffed With TLC

If you’re gonna go through the trouble of using pinewood¬†grown on an eco-conscious farm near the Finnish-Russian border, you’d better use it for something unique. The Vool sets itself apart from the laptop stand crowd not only with its detailed handmade construction, but its shape as well. The bulbous form lets you prop up your computer to a back-friendly height. Plus when your friend says “Cool laptop stand,” you’ll have an excuse to bust out your Finnish-Russian accent which has been sadly laying dormant since 1994.


Everyone knows that MacBook of yours is hot in many ways. It’s good looking, it’s stolen, and it gets too damn warm when resting on those felonious femurs of yours.¬†The AirSlab ($49) slices through laptop battery heat with a cut of full grain Walnut veneer and a pair of corks. It’s flat out the best use of corks we’ve seen since you plugged up that bottle of stolen Moet.