Miimo: Robotic Lawn Mower

All of a sudden there’s more lawn mowing robots than there are kids mowing lawns. The latest AI grass cutter/lazy-kid-enabler is Honda’s Miimo. Just set up a boundary via wire and this little gizmo will cut 2-3mm of your grass throughout the week in random patterns, giving your grass a chance to grow all healthy like. The Miimo knows to stay away from rocks and dead opossums, and even returnsĀ to its charging station when it’s low on juice. The question is: Do you trust your lawn to the Miimo, LawnBott, orĀ Tango E5? We already know the kid is out of the question.

LawnBott: The Lawn Roomba

Let’s go ahead and address your biggest concern about the LawnBott ($1,799) right off the bat: No, it does not have a built-in vibrator. Good thing too, because if the LB1500 SpyderEVO could mow your lawn and please your wife while you were out of town, you’d be coming home to a neat stack of your personal artifacts on the front porch. So relax and enjoy the pleasure of knowing this robot only needs a perimeter wire around your lawn to recognize where to cut the grass for up to 3.5 hours before it putters into its battery recharging station all by itself. Yeah, even without the love stick, you might still wanna keep an eye on this thing around your lady.