Horween Cordovan Leather Guitar Pick: Have A Cow

Playing a guitar with a leather pick is pretty rare, and Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan is one of the rarest leathers in the world, so if you play a little acoustic “Come As You Are” by the campfire with one of these things, it may not even matter that you thought G flat was the name of 50 Cent’s crew. These special picks promise to deliver a much warmer tone than their plastic counterparts, last longer than natural leather picks, and even mold to your grip. Each one takes about six months to make, so honor the cow that sacrificed his skin and please refrain from any Warrant covers.

Gucci Striped Soft Leather Briefcase

Demand that the ransom money be delivered in style with the Gucci Striped Soft Leather Briefcase ($1980). Remind the loved ones of your hostage that the briefcase is 100% leather; so god help them if they get their tears on it. The black leather and red/cream color scheme of the briefcase goes perfectly with the leather gloves and hockey mask you use to abduct your victims. The briefcase holds eight liters, exactly the size of a human head. Just saying, y’know, if all the money isn’t there, you’re not sure what you’re going to send back…

Gant Rugger Leather Goods Collection

There’s nothing quite like the smell and feel of robust rawhide in the morning, and Tarnsjo Tannery, widely considered one of the finest leather producers in the world, would strongly agree. Check out this new leather accessories collection introduced by GANT Rugger for SS2012 and produced by the Swedish Tarnsjo that includes a leather slip case ($495), a leather phone cover ($94), leather card holder ($155), and leather belt ($150). As one of the few remaining European tanneries, Tarnsjo’s process is still 100% organic, and they have managed to maintain their same techniques since 1873. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….or something like that in Swedish.