Sony 84″ XBR 4K Led TV

The 4K revolution may be in its infancy, but Sony is banging on the crib bars with the newly announced XBR-84X900. It’s Sony’s first TV ever with 3,840×2,160-pixel resolution (four times as detailed 1080p), and it’s also the biggest Sony screen to date. The edge-lit LED-based LCD display features passive 3D (also a Sony first) and a detachable 10-driver stereo speaker system lets you rumble the living room with sound. This way you don’t have to listen to that brat whine about “being hungry” and “needing a diaper change.” Kids.

Sharp 90-inch AQUOS LED TV

Can you imagine bringing retired NBA star Yao Ming into your living room, fastening his 7’6 body diagonally to your wall, and then sitting down to see what TV shows he could mimic? Sounds like a hoot, right? Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news. The bad: Yao isn’t down with that. He says it’s “beneath his dignity.” The good: You can now buy a TV his exact size! The 90″ Sharp LC-90LE745U ($10,999) is the biggest LED TV currently in production. It’s got your built-in Wi-Fi, NetFlix, Vudu, and 3D capability, but most importantly it gets you Yao’s length without all those complaints about his pride, etc.

Samsung Shows Off Their Smarter TV at CES

One of the things we ran into at CES was a presentation by Samsung showing off their new line of smart tvs which forgo the keyboard of yesteryear and go straight into a built-in Kinect-like motion capture/voice activated camera. Most everything about the TV can be voice or gesture controlled. Just don’t go around sitting naked in front of this thing. You wouldn’t want your tv to go blind.

Check out a couple short videos of the presentation we recorded under the cut.

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SFC Goes to CES

So Freaking Cool went to CES 2012 to scour the showroom floor for products that caught their eye. Unfortunately, that was almost every product there. So, instead of shooting every single thing, here are just a few for Wednesday. Also unfortunately, HP didn’t have a booth to show off the HP Envy Spectre.

Regardless, check out the gallery below. The first thing that caught the eye was the amazingly thin LG led panels. I got a paper cut just looking at them.

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