Lenovo Q180: The ‘World’s Smallest Desktop PC’

According to Lenovo, their new Q180 is the world’s smallest desktop PC. At about the size of a DVD case, the Q180 presents a barely there chassis of only 155 x 192 x 22mm. Inside features a 2.13GHz Atom processor with up to 4GB of RAM and your choice of a 500GB HDD or 128GB SSD. For those who seek more options, Lenovo let’s you choose from a Radeon HD 6450A 512MB discrete graphics card, Blu-ray drive, and 750GB hard disk space. And this little guy even has an impressive 7.1 surround sound output. Price at $349, the Q180 packs quite a bit in its tiny frame. Compared to something like that Mac Mini, it seems like a great deal. Ships in early December, just in time for the fa-la-holidays.