LIFX: Wi-Fi Enabled, Smartphone Controlled Light Bulb

Is it OK to be more excited about a new light bulb than the new iPhone? I think so. Especially when it’s the LIFX ($70), an LED bulb with built-in Wi-fi allowing you to control your lighting and change its colors via smartphone. With an estimated lifespan of 25 freakin years, auto dimming, and the ability to sync to the beats in your phone, the iPhone has some catching up to do.

Plumen Bulb

Lighting has evolved from lanterns to incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs to LEDS. The light bulb’s shape though, has remained, well, bulbous. Along comes Hulger’s Plumen Bulb which re-imagines its design quite successfully. The Plumen Bulb possesses the same energy savings of fluorescents (80% less than incandescents), lasts 8 times longer and produces light comparable to a 60 watt bulb. The intertwined loops of light mean displaying these prominently, and not hiding it like you would the typical fluorescent bulb. It finally makes its way stateside at the end of May and can be pre-ordered here at The Future Perfect.