The Weekend Refill, 4.19.15

Longer pieces from this week. Definitely not bathroom reading. Unless you have a severe case of diarrhea.

– Tragic story of┬áChristy Mack and MMA fighter War Machine [ESPN]

– Trader in the wild [Businessweek]

– 10 biggest Marvel heroes not yet seen in live action [Observation Deck]

– The funny man behind Judd Apatow [NY Times Magazine]

– The machines are coming! [NY Times]

– Make millions (but there’s a catch) [New Yorker]

Weekend Refill, 2.22.13

Time for the weekend. That means sitting on your porch and sipping mint juleps. While you do that, check out what happened while you were knee-deep in TPS reports.

– What? Google ‘Alexis Wright’ and ‘popsicle’? Don’t mind if I…oh my. (Vanity Fair)

– Now there’s an actual reason to put your girlfriend in a plastic bag. (The Blemish)

– Know what 200 cals look like before you shovel food in your maw. (Twisted Sifter)

– Beck does Bowie in 360┬░. (A.V. Club)

– They did what on Walking Dead this week? (Brand New Cool)

– You like the Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible. How’s it drive? (Driven)

– Pew pew. What makes for a good story in video games? (Unfinished Man)