Noke the Bluetooth Padlock

Master locks have slowly turned into a thing of the past. At least what we’ve accustomed to seeing. Now we have Bluetooth locks looking to fill their shoes. Here’s another one. Noke ($59). It positions itself as a do-all smartphone lock. Users unlock and lock the water-resistant through their smartphone. If you forget your phone, you use a series of short and long presses on the lock shaft to open it. Battery life lasts a year. $59 for a lock eh? Fun toy if you’re a tech head. Head over to their Kickstarter for the deets.

TiGr Lock

Remember that one time you accidentally locked your bike to another bike, had a day at the beach, and never saw it again? Yeah, that was sad. Odds are, if you had the TiGr Lock ($165), that wouldn’t have happened. The TiGr is a 24” long titanium bow, comparable only to wrapping a ship’s anchor around the frame of your bike. Extensive enough to capture both wheels on most road bikes and versatile enough to carry with you everywhere, you won’t ever have to worry about getting any part of your bike stolen. Unless, of course, you lock it against an empty parking meter, then it may get impounded.