Lomo Belair X 6-12: Putting The Hip In Hipster Photos

Lomography’s Belair X 6-12 camera is an instant eye-catcher with its retro styling, but the pictures themselves may be even more unique. Let the medium-format film take your photography to special places with rich 6×12 panoramas, or take it older school with 6×6 square shots. We’re not saying this is the ultimate hipster camera, but we are saying the X 6-12 goes perfectly with skinny jeans.

Lomo Belair X 6-12

The reason we always hear people referencing the “good old days” is because before the Black Eyed Peas and KFC Double Down were thrust upon us, American culture had some positive momentum. If the digital age is rubbing you the wrong way, consider the Lomo Belair X 6-12 (starts at $249) for your next camera. It uses film, and its quaintly clunky styling lets people know you intend on taking quality photographs, not “snapping cool pix!” It comes with a 90-millimeter lens and a 58-millimeter wide-angle alternative for those Grand Canyon shots, and the auto-exposure functionality automatically adjusts the shutter speed.

Lomo LC-Wide

Digital cameras may be the norm, but old timers still enjoy film. Introducing the Lomo LC-Wide ($390), a 35mm film camera having the only 17mm Minigon ultra-wide-angle lens, enabling 103 degrees of panoramic view. The Lomo LC-Wide continues the line of Lomo cameras that enjoys a cult following due to its uniquely saturated pictures. Take pictures in half-frame, square and full format. Play with the unlimited multiple exposures, an ISO range of 100-1600 and maximum shutter speed of 1/500. Beside wide angle shots, use the 17mm lens for extreme close-ups and discover a world overlooked by the naked eye. Lomo cameras produce uniquely artistic photos that make others ask where you learned to take such great pictures. Elijah Wood’s a big Hollywood star and he uses it. So should you.