Watch Pre-Fame Louis C.K.’s Self-Made Film

Before he was a world-famous comedian and had his own show, Louis, on FX, Louis C.K. was another struggling comedian. Back in 1998, he took all his savings from his stand-up and TV gigs and put it into a self-directed black-and-white film called Tomorrow Night ($5).

It was shown at Sundance in 1998 but never received distribution. Until now. Five dollars gets it on his website. The movie revolves around a lonely photo-shop owner, Charles, who meets a lonely old woman named Florence. There’s also mention of a character in old-lady drag. Steve Carell, JB Smoove, Wanda Sykes and Conan O’Brien make appearances in the movie too.

Hey, it’s Louis C.K. and it’s $5. That’s less than a beer in some bars. Save your liver and feed your funny bone instead.

Oh My God: Louis CK Standup Film

“Of course slavery was bad, but maybe…” is how Louis C.K. finishes up one of his more memorable pieces of material during Oh My God, his stand up comedy special recorded earlier this year at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. If you wanna hear his unique take on why there could be some perks to enslaving humans, or military deaths, or peanut allergies, and see if he can navigate the mine fields of political correctness, it’ll only cost you $5. You also get an extra 12 minutes of material not originally seen on the HBO airing.

Aziz Ansari’s $5 Stand-up Comedy Special

The whole go-straight-to-collecting-$500,000-do-not-release-DVD strategy recently employed by Louis C.K. has created ripples in the comedy world, and Aziz Ansari is ready to ride the cash wave. His one-hour special, “Dangerously Delicious” is now available to stream or download from his site for $5.  The Parks and Recreation star says “If I just put it out in a traditional way, I wouldn’t have made any money, so why don’t I do it this way?” Kinda makes sense, no?

Louis C.K. – Live at the Beacon Theater

For $5, who wouldn’t want to see Louis C.K. joke about garbage, parenthood, and penises? Total no-brainer. Live at the Beacon Theater is a self-financed and produced show released DRM-free straight to the audience, much like Radiohead’s album. His hour-long show has made over $500,000, with over $200,000 in actual profits, once you break down the $170,000 production and $32,000 website construction costs. Louis is living proof that a dedicated fan base can take you far, and making your own rules can take you even farther. Buy it here.

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