Weekend Refill, 11.8.13

Emily Ratajkowski hates wearing clothes. Truth.

–¬†Emily Ratajkowski from “Blurred Lines” vid, butt nekkid (nsfw) (The Blemish)

– Dreams come true. 2 girls offer random guys threesomes (Whatever/YouTube)

– How to make 6 figures playing fantasy football (Business Insider)

– Odd pictures from Russian dating sites (Sad and Useless)

– Pornhub comments on stock photos (Tumblr)

– Kool-aid man bloopers (Rick-Reed.com)

– Lame attempts at social media engagement by corporations (Vice)

– Time lapse video of U.S. Army vet. Onions! (Bro Bible)

– If Disney princesses had beards (Pleated Jeans)

Midweek Refill, 10.29.13

Porn stars have the best selfies. Ever.

– Rachel Wilson’s boobs are bouncy (The Blemish)

– 10 best porn star Instagrams (GuySpeed)

– Sad Etsy boyfriends (Sad Etsy Boyfriends Tumblr)

– How to make big money with illegal tv/movie streams (TorrentFreak)

– Steve Aoki throws cake at wheelchair-bound fan (Youtube)

– 13 Trader Joe’s food hacks (First We Feast)

– The inside scoop behind NBA Jam (ESPN)

– Get to know the Japanese love industry (Man of Many)

РPearl Jam jam & speak on Fallon (Consequence of Sound)