All-Natural Caffeinated Maple Syrup

For those of us who think coffee tastes as lame as it did the first time we tried it, getting that morning rush can be difficult. Three bowls of Cocoa Puffs is good, but it’s not enough. Enter Caffeinated Maple Syrup ($13), an all-natural way to turn your pancakes up to 11. Each tablespoon contains about 84mg of caffeine, but come on, you know you’re dumping way more than a tablespoon of this sweet treat on your flapjacks. This way you can bounce off the walls till noon and still avoid that corrosive coffee breath.

Noble Handcrafted Maple Syrup

It’s Sunday morning and you’re making breakfast for that special someone. Are you really going to pour Mrs. Buttersworth on your pancakes? A few tablespoons of high fructose corn syrup with a hint of sodium hexametaphosphate, not the way to keep that fire going. What you need is Noble Handcrafted Tonics, a line of products featuring finely crafted maple syrup. This small-batch producer offers 2 special syrups, or tonics, as they call them, to liven up your palate.

Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel matured Maple Syrup is produced in Tuthilltown barrels, which imparts an aged bourbon flavor into the syrup.

Tonic 02: Tahitian Vanilla Bean & Egyptian Chamomile Blossom matured Maple Syrup gives off a strong vanilla finish with fruity and floral tones.

Chamomile? Floral tones? Just know that women enjoy smells and have way more sophisticated palates than your tv dinner lovin’ appetite. The cork stoppers, waxy seals and striking typeface also class up the joint.

Don’t just restrict these to pancakes. They go great with bacon fresh from the pan and any bourbon/whiskey drink calling for syrup. Available for $24.95 online from Mikuni Wild Harvest.