Steaklocker: The First Home Dry Age Steak Fridge

Dry aging beef allows naturally occurring enzymes to tenderize the meat and bring out its natural flavor. You have to go to steak shops or high-end butcher shops to get it though and it costs a fortune. What’s a guy to do? Well, hit up Steaklocker. Their Kickstarter campaign will bring the first home fridge to dry age steaks at quite a bit below current costs. The patent-pending controls let you select the flavor and tenderness and you can access all these through a smartphone app. It costs a little over $550, so it’s not cheap. What’s money when it comes to beef though, really.

iGrill Gives Grillers A Shot At Perfect Steaks

Don’t waste good meat. Use the iGrill ($40) to get perfectly grilled meat every time. The wireless Bluetooth Smart thermometer connects to your smart phone through the app. Mount the iGrill via the magnetic mount, stick the sensor in and the iGrill cycles through its 4 LED lights, each light letting you know what stage the meat’s at. Brilliant idea that frees up your hands to hold more bottles of beer.

Subscription Meat Service Brings Boxes Of Meat To Your Doorstep

Come home to the missus, the dog and a large box of beef on the doorstep. AgLocal started off as a cooperation between farmers and Michelin chefs to meet and get a better understanding of the meats the chefs were using. Now, they want the consumer market. Meat on everyone’s doorstep! For $85-100 (about 4-5 pounds or 8-10 pounds), buyers get a box of meat from 4 different categories: “Family Style” for the home, “Grill Master” for bbqing, “Fit and Lean” for those wanting grass-fed and lean cuts of meat and “Farmer’s Pick” for offals and unusual cuts.

Each box also contains recipes and details on how the animals were raised. While it’s an iffy prospect having meat hanging out on someone’s front porch all afternoon, it could be great for those foodies out there.

Wooden Beef Butcher Diagram Cutting Board: Your Body Is A Wonderland

I’m not sure if John Mayer wrote “Your Body Is A Wonderland” about Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Aniston, but clearly he made a mistake by not dedicating his raspy vocals to the almighty cow. From burgers to steaks, it’s the cow’s body that truly is the wonderland here, and this Wooden Beef Butcher Diagram Cutting Board ($45) shows you exactly why. The 12 x 16 inch hand-milled board is engraved with an informative beef butcher’s diagram, so you’ll know exactly how to slice one up if you ever find yourself stranded on a dairy farm and not in the mood to ask the property owner for directions.

Flameless Grill Smoker

Wait! Before you build that combination meat smoker/arcade/humidor addition onto your home, consider the Flameless Grill Smoker ($39) from Hammacher Shlemmer. This thing sits on top of your gas stove (or lap, but you won’t get smoked meat that way, just sweaty meat…also tasty, btw) as its eight s-shaped vents take in just the right amount of oxygen to create the necessary amount of smoke to slowly cook your grub. And we’re taking flavorful meat; not the kind you get from leaving a ham hock on top of a cigar ash-stained Mortal Kombat machine.

Whole Beast Butchery Book

Vegetarians, you might wanna pass on this one. My fellow carnivores, you must check this out. Ryan Farr, owner and founder of San Francisco’s 4505 Meats, recently released The Complete Visual Guide to Beef, Lamb, and Pork, a 240 page hardcover guide ($40) for meat maniacs everywhere. This is an old school guide to butchering at its best, complete with 500 photos, recipes for key cuts, and tools, techniques, and tricks of the trade for handling all kinds of meats. The Complete Guide gives meat lovers a behind the scenes look at what butchers do to make sure we get that perfect cut of meat. So sharpen those steak knives, and get ready for the ultimate education in meat, butcher’s style. Check out their video under the cut.

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