Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

Brabus has just revealed its customized Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster to entice those who crave more power and personalized options. Hold onto your hats and hair pieces because the Roadster features a performance kit that contains newly calibrated engine electronics with unique mapping for ignition and injection. Further customizations include high-performance, titanium exhaust system with four tail pipes, 21 inch wheels on the front axle, and 22 inch on the rear. How does all this measure up? About 40 percent lighter than the factory unit, to be exact, with the maximum output jolting from 571HP (563 bhp) to 611HP (600 bhp).

Now let’s talk customization. If you prefer a sportier ride, you can manipulate the damper settings, and you can lower the ride height by up to 40mm. Wanna go up? Brabus offers drivers a Front Lift System that raises the front end of the SLS AMG by 2 inches. And what about aesthetics? The Roadster features a front spoiler, upper air-duct covers, logoed side skirts, side air-vent trim, new rear bumper with side air vents and a diffuser, and a subtle boot lid spoiler. According to Brabus, drivers can choose from a high-gloss finish, a matte finish or any color their hearts desire. Brabus refinished the inside with backlit, logoed stainless steel scuff plates, matte-anodized pedals, and custom upholstery. If you tailor all of your shirts, dust your car vents off with that little paint-like brush or if you prefer your martini shaken, not stirred, then this is probably just the ride for you.