Weekend Refill, 3.22.13

You’re looking at the tallest crossing guard in America with mad bball skillz to boot. And now, it’s time to welcome in the weekend. Holla!

– It’s great when bullies get what they deserve. (The Blemish)

– Every ‘yeah’ sung by James Hetfield of Metallica. Like, ever. (The High Definite)

– How to pick up a supermodel when you’re 83. Or any age. (Bro Bible)

– Meet the guy with the world’s biggest balls. (Visual News)

– Get the new gaming system, Raystation 4, in Chinatown, Toronto (Unfinished Man)

– Michael Jordan. Hall of Fame player. D-League Dresser. (wtfismjwearing)

– Traditional Mongolian goat roast. Does NOT taste like chicken. (Food Republic)

Too Much Horror Business by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett

It appears that whenever Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett wasn’t on stage with the band he was hoarding a wicked huge collection of monster-movie memorabilia. Too Much Horror Business ($23) is a beautiful hardcover book that shows off Hammett’s treasure trove of rare posters, props, costumes, and toys from the silent movie era to the modern-day slasher flicks. Bela Lugosi’s annotated Dracula script? It’s here. Donnie Darko’s bunny suit? Check. Dom DeLuise’s skidmarked drawers from Cannonball Run II? No sir.

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