Titanium Mouse

When the mouse was first invented, PC users balked at the imprecise control, as well as the occasional droppings emitted from the furry rodent. Now, in 2012, this instrumental accessory has come full circle with Intelligent Design’s Titanium Mouse (€399). The beady eyes and whiskers have been replaced by Grade 1 titanium, high quality plastic resin, and a neodymium scroll wheel for maximum precision at your fingertips. It’s a bold statement for sure; a statement that says “I refuse to use rodents for cursor control.”

Logitech M600 Touch Mouse

Pity poor buttons. Once a symbol of cutting edge technology – see the excitement over push button phones in the 70s, or any Star Trek episode – these days it’s all about touchscreens. The latest slap in buttons’ face comes courtesy of Logitech, which has unveiled a touch mouse. The Logitech M600 ($70) provides full surface touch sensitivity, so you can have that smartphone feel when using your PC. We’ll have to get our mitts on one before we can say if it’s an improvement, but please excuse me while I go fondle my pants button before that disappears too.

NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

For those who want greater customization and flexibility in their gaming mice, NZXT presents the Avatar S Gaming Mouse. Its five programmable on-board buttons save to an on-board memory, allowing gaming across multiple rigs. Switch between multiple sensitivity settings from 400DPI, 800DPI and 1600DPI. Experience greater tracking ability with its Teflon feet as you swipe your mouse on the road to victory. Blue LED lights add a touch of mystery to the overall appearance. Retails for $40 and available in black and stormtrooper white.