MinuSkull Speakers by Kuntzel + Deygas

I can’t decide if these are creepy, cool or kinda cute, but Kuntzel + Deygas just released yet another artistic and eccentric product, the Minuskull Speaker. These speakers, which I swear are looking right at me, were inspired by the vision of what quality audiophile equipment should actually look like. Hand-crafted in France, the Minuskulls contain two broadband Fostex Fe-83 speakers that look like eyes, which are covered with a thin banana leaf pulp. A custom-made speaker rests under the skull, and a Mosfet amplifier delivers crystal-clear sound without the use of another amplifier. And yes, the speakers (priced at $2025 USD) will connect to your iPod and iPad. Kunztel + Deygas proudly boast that their creation is sophisticated and high performance with a soul, a life.  Someone please remind me not to sit alone in a dark room with these things.