Sony Waterproof Sports Walkman MP3 Player: Withstands Toilet Water And More!

I can’t tell you how many bullies dunked my head in the toilet in middle school. Too many. And while toilet water always tasted better than Crystal Light, it’s still was far from the ideal lunchtime beverage (chocolate milk). But even worse than the taste of that torture was the fact that my headphones would always get ruined in the ruckus. Thankfully, Sony has come up with a solution. TheĀ Walkman Sports MP3 Player features a brilliant design as it combines the 4GB MP3 player with the headphones seamlessly, letting you just wrap it over your ears and go. And yes, it’s waterproof up to 2 meters, so unless there are some new toilets with 7-foot bowls out there, you’ll be totally set for a new round of head-dunks and wedgies.