Wallet Ninja Pocket Tool

Those dreams of achieving true ninja status disappeared sometime around the age of, ohh, ten. This handy doodad will at least get you a step closer though. The Wallet Ninja Pocket Tool gives you 18 functions in one. 18!! Letter opener, bottle opener, multiple sized screwdrivers. Nothing is missing except the ability to move silent and deadly. You’ll have to figure that out on your own.

WTF Mini Titanium Multi-Tool: Valuable, Not Vulgar

The WTF in this case actually stands for Wrench That Fits ($30), so yes, this little combination keychain/multi-tool can be safely given to dad on Father’s Day without fear of him washing your mouth out with Irish Spring. Besides the legit wrench that tackles jobs in a multitude of sizes, the WTF also has a small ruler on each side and a built-in pry bar. And just think: If dad enjoys getting a gift called WTF, maybe you’ll be able to sprinkle in a more FUs around the holidays!

Zai HIGO Multi-Tool and Knife

With the massive Bond 50 Blu-ray collection due soon, it’s time to upgrade your gadgets. Let’s start with the basics. The Zai HIGO Pocket Knife and Multi-Tool is inspired by the Higonokami knife that was popular in 19th century Japan. It has a lever that lets you open, lock, and close it with one hand, plus the multi-tool has two different screwdriver heads that are designed for adjusting ski bindings–perfect for when those rifle-toting henchmen are in hot pursuit of your debonair ass on the slopes.