Charli XCX Rocks Slim’s San Francisco

Whether or not mastery comes with 10,000 hours of practice, spending years writing songs and performing will make you good no matter what. Exhibit A: Charli XCX. At 14, Charli XCX started writing nursery rhyme rap songs about dinosaur sex. Now at 21, she can fart out the hits in her sleep (see: “I Want It”, “You Lied (Ha Ha Ha)”, “Nuclear Seasons”) and it’s likely they all smell like “Black Roses”. Ba dum bump. And live, she backs these hits up with a strong, energetic stage presence and a real connection with her fans and audience. Read the rest of this entry »

Marshall Mini Amp Bluetooth Speakers: Tight Genes

Bluetooth speakers come a dime a dozen these days, but when you have the Marshall logo emblazoned on your mini amp, you know you’ve got something special—even more special than that catchy Five Guys burger review. The Stanmore’s ($400) classic design will take you back to Elvis, but the audio quality has absolutely nothing in common with peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We’re talking crisp and clean music at any volume. Rock your jailhouse via Bluetooth, RCA input, or the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

GWAR-B-Q Brew: We’re Getting The Beer Back Together

Life on the road for a rock star ain’t all PB&Js and reasonable bedtimes… sometimes musicians like to drink an adult beverage or two. Heavy Metal humorists GWAR have teamed up with Cigar City Brewing to create their own beer: GWAR-B-Q Brew. It’s debuting at this year’s annual GWAR-B-Q (taking place August 17th) and will surely fuel the flames of chaos just as well if not better than any other brew could do.

Daft Punk Action Figures: Harder, Smaller, Slower, Less Expensive Than The Real Guys

Ever dream you could have Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in your house? Oh, that’s the dynamic duo behind the masks of Daft Punk. Their Random Access Memories is perhaps the album of the year, and since Hasbro stopped making Gerardo figures, there’s been a big void to fill. These Daft Punk action figures ($45) will show just how much you love the electronic music duo, what with their meticulous details and shiny metallic finish. We’re guessing you won’t ‘get lucky’ if a girl spots these figures on your nightstand, but that’s her loss now, isn’t it?

Johnny Cash Postage Stamp: Lick The Man In Black

OK, so this Johnny Cash Postage Stamp (46 cents) doesn’t exactly need you to lick it to, uhh, stick it, but why pass up an opportunity to get so close to an American icon? It’s a “forever stamp” so it can be slapped on an envelope at any point in your lifetime, but this baby says collectible all the way. It’s based on a 1963 photograph of the singer as he recorded “Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash.” Plus come on, who could ever get away with licking Johnny Cash while he was alive?

Coin Guitar Picks: Upgrade Your Groupies

Chicks dig picks. For years people thought it was the actual guitar that lured the ladies, but nope. Turns out the cooler the pick, the hotter the chick. Well, prepare to be assaulted by more panties than Tom Jones at Victoria’s Secret. These handmade Coin Guitar Picks ($10) are crafted out of authentic silver, gold, brass, bronze, and more, with each one delivering standout style and undeniably sturdy construction. If playing your six string with an antique USA Indian Head Buffalo Nickel pick doesn’t drop some drawers, man, we don’t know what will.

Fender x Apple USB Guitar

Not every person who wants to play the guitar wants to devote their life to it (there’s a marriage metaphor in there somewhere); and yet many people who wanna dabble want more than just a few rounds of Rock Band 2. Fender and Apple are tapping into this market with a new USB-equipped Squier Stratocaster ($199.99) that’s meant to thrive in GarageBand. You get a standard 1/4-inch output jack, a 30-pin connector cable that works with older iOS devices, plus cables that let you hook up directly to a Mac or PC.

V8 T.A.N.K.: Gas Can Guitar Amp

I’ve really enjoyed the past seven weeks or so, what with the substantial drop in societal bitching about gas prices. So I’m hesitant to even mention anything related to gasoline.  But please keep in mind, this story here is about the V8 T.A.N.K., a funky guitar amp that simply looks like a gas can. It’s also rechargeable, giving you jammable juice for up to 8 hours. And again, I said it looks like a gas can, OK? Just looks like.