LaCie CloudBox

You’ve probably been hearing about this thing called “the cloud” and how you should backup your important files to it. But how does one throw their digital lives into the sky and what if it’s a clear day? Well, thanks to the LaCie CloudBox, you don’t have to act like a fool asking your 14-year-old nephew these questions.

Designed to make online backups easier for the everyman, LaCie’s CloudBox allows you to load your important files onto the box which will then be automatically backed up to the cloud daily. Never lose that embarrassing photo you plan to blackmail your friend with again even in the event of theft, fire or physical damage. You can even check your data online. The added AES encryption helps makes sure no one else gets their grubby little hands on your files.

Every purchase of a CloudBox includes a 1-year, 100GB easily renewable subscription to cloud storage.

The cloud. It’s not just that thing above your head. Own a LaCie CloudBox today.