Nissan Self-Healing Scratch Shield

Nissan – wait, Nissan? Yes, Nissan – says they’ve invented a plastic phone shield that heals itself when scratched. Hmm… color us pretty darn intrigued. The Nissan Scratch Shield uses a polyrotaxane mix that the automaker developed for its cars a few years back, and it promises to protect your precious cellular device with a 22nd century-style regenerative skin. Once scratched, Nissan says the surface waits for you to gather a few friends around, then morphs back into its original shape, leaving your phone scratch-free. Depending on how big the slash is, the healing process takes between an hour and a week, so you’ll have plenty of time to call over those out-of-state buddies. It’s being beta tested in Europe right now, and it should go on sale later this year. Whether it slithers its sci-fi self over to the US remains uncertain, though.