The Qwerkywriter

Click clack click clack. What’s that sound? Probably not your computer keyboard. It used to be the sound of typewriters, those things in the 1970s people used to type letters and novels. Then, the computer came along and made them obsolete. There are those who still yearn for these machines of old like Brian Min from Walnut Creek, California.

He invented the Qwerkywriter ($309), an 84 key USB and Bluetooth-enabled, typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard. This gives you the tactile feel of typewriters. Pretend you’re writing out the latest pulp novel. The Qwerkywriter also has a stand to slot in your tablet. Go here to check it out.

Hot Wheels Car Maker: Show Mattel How Its Done

If you never could find the ultimate toy car as a kid, here’s your chance to achieve that (modest) dream. The Hot Wheels Car Maker ($40) is a do-it-yourself playset that lets you make your own cars. It also involves cool stuff like melting wax and slapping decals on your creations. It’s pretty much just like being on an assembly line, only there’s no nagging boss around telling you you can’t toss back a few while manning the heavy machinery.