Chocolate-Covered Edible Bugs Gift Pack

Better get used to eating bugs now, because in the future, meat prices will increase drastically with sustainability issues and what-not. Let the Chocolate-Covered Edible Bugs Gift Pack ($20) get you on the road to protein alternatives. Choose from an assortment of scorpions, superworms and silkworms. Mmm mmm! Just like Grandma didn’t use to make. Check out the ingredients: bug, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, emulsifier, and vanillin. They put ‘bug’ as the #1 ingredient, so you can feel satisfied knowing that the manufacturers aren’t skimping on delicious insects.

Seat Warmers Would Melt This Truck

There are ice cream trucks and then there are ice trucks. Canadian Tire stripped down a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD and remade it into an 11,000 lb ice cube with an engine.

The truck advertised their new MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra battery’s ability to start in cold temperatures. And start it did. It hit a jaw-dropping 7.5 mph. That’s 3 times as fast as hamsters can run.

Unfortunately, the truck can only go straight since any turning causes cracks in its body. It also took 44 hours to melt. So, if any drivers want to travel 44 hours in a straight line, this might be a good choice.

Bacon Condoms: For Flavorful Meat

Our apologies; last week we incorrectly stated that we had seen every possible bacon product possible. Now we’ve seen it all. J&D’s Bacon Condoms ($10) are made of the highest quality latex, so your girlfriend’s hopes that this is simply a novelty product will be crushed like a Corolla at a monster truck show. Plus each condom also comes with a generous slathering of Baconlube inside it, so if your lady doesn’t like bacon, it’s time to look for a new lady.