Oakley Airbrake

If you love winter sports, then you probably don’t mess around when it comes to your goggles. After all, its kind of important to protect your eyes from the grueling elements of winter, right? And now that snowboard season is upon us, its time to check out the new Oakey Airbrake. Using the Oakly Switchlock Technology, it takes just three simple steps to switch your lenses, so you won’t miss out on prime slope time. Just flip, switch, and lock. Bam!

The Airbrake (made is the USA) offers total comfort as well. The O Matter chassis is flexible on top of a rigid frame to provide the perfect fit, and the goggle’s polar fleece foam will keep you warm and pressurized in even the soggiest of conditions. What about fog, you ask? It’s a non-issue with the Airbrake, thanks to the F3 Anti-Fog technology’s dual vented lenses. Available in several colors, these goggles are not only functional, but you’ll be able to wear them and say, “I make this look good.” Two lenses are included, and each is ANSI Z87.1 rated impact resistant. You won’t have to worry about that, of course, not with your mad skills. But it’s good thing to know, just in case you zig when you should’ve zagged.