Protect Your Stuff With The Decked Truck Bed Organizer

Fishing around for that one part you need wastes a lot of time. Think about driving around and everything in back shifting left and right. Not good for the truck, not good for your tools and stuff. Invest in the Decked Truck Bed Organizer ($1000). A three-year-in-the-making storage and organizer with pull-out drawers, partitions and water-tested for maximum durability and protection. Head over here to purchase.


For all the gidgets and gadgets you have, you probably have just as many cords and cables to go along with them. They’re all over your desk…falling here, getting tangled there. But with the new Sumo must-have tool from the international design studio, Bluelounge, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The Sumo acts as a heavyweight anchor, using Japanese micro-suction technology to keep your cords and cables securely planted on your desk or work bench. The bad news? Sadly, the Sumo does not come with the oh so flattering white mawashi.

Applecore Cord Organizer

It’s hard to manage the seemingly infinite number of cords coming from our computers, phones and other tech devices. The Applecore presents a unique and simple way to organize these tangled messes. Ranging in size and colors, the Applecore resembles a spindle (or if it wasn’t obvious by now, an apple core) onto which cords can be wound. No more black velcro or ugly plastic twist ties. The Applecore integrates cord management into your work and home in a stylish and tasteful manner. Select and order here.