PAL-V: Half Car, Half Helicopter

“The Jetsons” set the bar pretty high in terms of aerial locomotion, showing us visions of flying fishbowls that fold into a suitcase at the push of a button. That’s 2062, so luckily for auto makers they have fifty years to make that a reality. The Personal Air and Land Vehicle ONE is the Netherlands’ first successful step towards commercial flying cars. Powered by delicious gasoline, the PAL-V ONE is a car/helicopter hybrid, getting its lift from the foldable top rotor and forward thrust from its push propeller. Per tank of gas, this heli-car-pter gets between 350 to 500 kilometers in the air or 1200 km on land. For land travel, the PAL-V ONE includes a tilting system for powering through turns. And tilting the PAL-V ONE while spinning the top propellers into a crowd of pedestrians might also be our first successful step towards recreating Carmageddon.