Panasonic AirPlay Speakers

The key to being a contented Barry Manilow aficionado is never letting people know your secret. Panasonic’s SC-AP01 ($TBA) can be a great weapon in your stealth arsenal, what with its Apple AirPlay ability to churn out high-quality renditions of “Copacabana” wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad. That means no one will ever see you reach for the coffee-stained CD cover or dusty vinyl jacket. “Wow, back-to-back-to-back Barry Manilow? Pandora’s acting weird today!” you’ll coyly exclaim. Nano bamboo technology uses a speaker made of fine renewable materials to produce superior sound. Plus, the speaker is only 59 mm deep–but then again, as a Manilow fan, depth was never much of a concern for you.