Phillips HD Wireless Connect

You live on your laptop. Literally. You actually eat, sleep and bathe on the dang thing. But sometimes, just sometimes, you wanna see that content on a bigger screen. The Philips SWW1890/27 Wireless HD Net Connect ($249) wirelessly sends content from your laptop, netbook, or PC to your HDTV in full HD 1080p resolution with digital sound. Just plug in the transmitter to your laptop and the receiver to the TV, and you’re ready to enjoy the complete 2nd season of Who’s The Boss or whatever it is you fancy. Net Connect uses WHDI technology to transmit in an unlicensed 5 Ghz radio frequency for a crystal-clear interference-free connection, so the device requires no line of sight and has up to a 23-foot range. There’s no software to install, no rat’s nest of wires to hassle with–heck, there are no rats period with this thing. Though if this thing did come with rats, that’d be the real story here.