Remove: the photobomb removal app

While putting your goofy puss into other people’s pictures delights the hell out of you, the photobombees usually are less than thrilled. But a new app prototype making its way through the pipeline promises to negate the effects of pranksters and passersby who get caught in your pics. The Remove app by Scalado shoots a rapid round of shots, then analyzes what items were moving in the pictures and isolates them for your removal. Choose what or who you want evicted from your moment in time, and – poof – Remove makes them disappear.  We predict a rapid rise in the number of mothers-in-law left on the cutting room floor.

Nikon iP-PJ Transfer App

No one has ever truly understood your love for Norway-imported handmade spatulas, but they will when you splash a 5-foot photo collage of them on the side of your neighbor’s house. Do it the easy way with Nikon’s iP-PJ Transfer app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. With the app and one of those devices, you can display content directly to the Coolpix S1200pj camera, which features a built-in nanoprojector. That means still images, documents, and websites can grow to 60-inches on a projected screen, letting you share your pictures with the world. Image resolution peaks at 1024×768, but that’s plenty clear enough for you to make your spatula-love known on the block.