OpenFrame: From Cheryl Tiegs To Picasso In 5 Seconds

If, like Adam Sandler, you’ve refused to take down that beloved Cheryl Tiegs poster from 1978, it might be time for some decor updating, now that you’re 43 and all. OpenFrame ($35+) lets you go from Playmate pinups to Picasso prints in a handful of seconds thanks to the custom frames and strong earth magnets that hold whatever you want in place. No Picasso? A ketchup-stained paper towel will do in a pinch.

Framed* 40-inch Digiframe

Bigger is better. It must be the motto of Framed*, a concept project imagining a 40-inch digital frame stretching three feet high and almost 2 feet across. So large the display consists of a 40″ Samsung LED, operating on Windows 7 and running off an Intel Core i5. The frame also contains a camera and microphone. This way, you can film yourself as you narrate your artwork or whatever one broadcasts on a 40″ picture frame. What, no shuffle mode? Anyway, ¬†you thought your girlfriend found your naked in the tub baby pics funny on a 3″ x 5″ photo or 7″ frame? How about when Grandma magnifies that pic 50 times and plasters it on her living room wall? Now, that’ll be a Christmas to remember.