Snarkitecture Black Ping Pong Table: How Johnny Cash Would’ve Played

If you’re like me and spent many a restless night wondering why Johnny Cash didn’t play more ping pong, you’ll be relieved to know we now have an answer. It wasn’t because table tennis didn’t fit his tough guy image, no, it’s because he never had an all-black table like this one to play on. “Slice” from the Brooklyn-based design studio Snarkitecture is made of Richlite, steel, rubber, and the souls of ping pongers past. It’s how Johnny would’ve played.*


Theseus Bamboo Table Tennis Table: King Pong

The sport of Ping Pong (fine, table tennis) isn’t often associated with classic beauty, but Eleven Ravens is changing that with the Theseus Bamboo Table. The handmade curved base is a stunner, and the dark trim will make you wanna take lessons in either woodworking or table tennis. Keep in mind: A table this pretty deserves this level of play.