IXL British Army Knife: Open Your Can Of Beans Like A British Soldier

You could open your can of beans like you normally do — with a careless indifference to the task at hand while whistling the Full House theme — or you could change it up drastically and open it like a WWII British solider! The IXL British Army Knife has been used for decades by troops across the pond, with its stainless steel sheepsfoot blade, marlin spike for rope work, and yes, can-opening tool. The handle even has an integrated screwdriver so you can screw like a British soldier too. Wait…

Gerber Steady Tool

The days of “roughing it” in the wilderness with nothing but you and some friends and your ingenuity seem to be gone forever. These days, if you’re gonna go camping, someone better have some tech. The Gerber Steady ($64) tool gives everything you need to gut that wildebeest and film it on your smartphone as the tool’s built-in camera mount gives you a place to perch your device, while the two foldable legs turn it into a tripod. Factor in the typical pocket tool assets like a fine edge blade, three screwdrivers, bottle opener, and wire cutters, and you’re ready for any adventure–and the filming of it.

Wrex Titanium Adjustable Pocket Wrench

A toolbox full of single-use tools just isn’t handy. The new Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench combines many of them into one sleek, user-friendly pocket gadget.

Inside, you’ll find an adjustable wrench, detachable blade (for those airplane trips), bottle opener and hex bit driver. The titanium body ensures a lifetime of productive use. The minimalist design promises a lifetime of cool.