Polaroid Socialmatic: Great for Party Pics

It’s amazing how quickly technology becomes obsolete. Point-and-shoot cameras were prevalent five years ago. Now, production falls 50% per year. No one can deny smartphones are the de facto camera these days. Polaroid, though, won’t go down without a fight.

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They’ve introduced the Polaroid Socialmatic ($299), an Android camera with built-in printer. Pictures can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest through its on-board wifi. The built-in printer lets users print little 2×3 photos. What’s a bit odd is that the photos have a QR code in the front corner. Users can scan the code, retrieve the digital print online and reprint it.

The Socialmatic can be a fun party toy though widespread adoption, obviously, appears unlikely.  Nevertheless, it has its place. Just like the History Channel has its place. Someone’s watching that channel.