Transportable Blastmaster: Party Over Here! Now Here! Now Here!

Take the music away from a party and all of a sudden you hear the kind of meaningless banter that’s supposed to never be heard: “I KNOW! I KNOW! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S STILL WITH SELENA GOMEZ! HE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!” If you’d like to avoid this scenario at all costs, consider the Transportable Blastmaster ($4000), a take-me-anywhere music system that delivers 2,000 watts of power via two “6×9″ mid-range speakers and a 12″ dual-voice coil subwoofer with dedicated crossover. Stream tunes through Bluetooth, or use the on-board CD player, AM/FM radio, USB port, and 3.5mm input with remote control. The pneumatic wheel means it can climb through snow or sand with ease, letting you take the music wherever the party wanders off to, and avoiding hearing so much as a peep about who J—-n B—-r is dating.

Meridian Explorer: Get Amped

Right up there with taking self pics with your iPad on the “Don’t, Just Don’t” list is trying to fill a room with laptop audio. No sir. If you’re gonna try to rock a party with your computer, you’re gonna need something like the Meridian Explorer ($299). This pocket-sized USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter) aims to improve the sound from your Mac, Windows or Linux-based system. Handmade at Meridian’s Cambridge factory, the Explorer features high-quality filter capacitors, a 6-layer PC board, and an all metal enclosure.

Mighty Dwarf Wireless Resonating Speakers

This little mighty mite of a speaker has a trick up its sleeve, and that trick simply needs a surface to materialize. Any surface. See, if you hold the Mighty Dwarf ($75) in your hands, you’ll be underwhelmed by its audio abilities, but lay it down on a table, wall, or hippo carcass, and bang! Sweet room-filling sound magically resonates through the air. The powerful sustained vibration produced by the speaker is transferred into the object causing the surface of the object to produce sound. It’s like a speaker and cool science project all wrapped up in one.

Zooka Bluetooth iPad Speaker

Sound bars, while not as sweet as candy bars,  are still pretty sweet. You get full, robust audio in a tidy package, sans all the clutter. Now the crisp convenience of a sound bar is available for your tablet, laptop, or smartphone with the Zooka ($90). A Bluetooth connection (or 3.5 mm jack) lets you quickly turn the iPad’s tinny treble and bass into substantial sound, and the rechargeable batteries deliver 8+ hours of audio goodness. With the lack of a nougaty center, though, candy bars still have at least one advantage.

Spar Zephyr Portable Wireless Speaker

In the world of 2011 mobile tech, there’s very little room for one trick ponies. That’s why Spar’s line of Zephyr wireless speakers have snatched our attention. These Bluetooth, high-definition speakers double as mobile phone chargers, so you’re actually getting a portable speaker/speakerphone/recharger combination. Is that enough for you? Starting at $99, the Zephyr 300 is pocket-sized, and packs approximately 12 hours of playtime.  The sleek Zephyr 500 gets you 18 hours of wire-free operation, with the top-of-the-line 550 model coming encased in aircraft grade anodized aluminum (well, obviously) and providing 28 hours of battery life. That’s like, more than a day, I’m pretty sure. All models come with a soft carry bag, an assortment of cables, and an AC charging adapter.