The Sandwichbike: Flat Can Be Fun

Maybe Becky Johnson didn’t find being flat much fun in the 7th grade, but the Sandwichbike proves the lack of curves isn’t always bad. Dutch design agency Bleijh showed off the concept for these mostly wooden set of wheels about seven years ago, and now they’re ready to ship in a simple flat-packed box. A couple of pieces of pressed plywood are connected by custom-made components, promising a unique ride around town over the hills and yes, flats.

flix Live: If You Can’t Stand The Heat In The Kitchen

If the warmth generated by an oven, and even say, a simultaneously sizzling frying pan, is too much for you to remain in the kitchen, well, damn; what kind of freakazoid condition is that? For hyper heat-sensitive people and anyone else who likes the idea of a portable kitchen, check out flix Live ($4,160). Its three folding wings on its sides bring you all the vital components of the home’s most important room. You’ll find a chopping board, spice station, built-in scales, clock and timer, cutlery and tool holders, and more. Trick it out with LED lighting and a charcoal grill or two-burner electric stove and you may just be able to turn your current kitchen into a spare man cave.

TP-Link Portable 3G Wireless N Router

Its nuts to know that your local morning hangout may have the best, artery cloggin’, smack your mamma they’re so good, quadruple bypass in every bite doughnuts in town, but they still don’t have WiFi. How can this be? For now, it seems, we’ll have to settle for wireless Internet access at times. But if you have access to a USB 3G modem or Ethernet connection, TP-Link’s new Portable 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3020) can catapult you into the 21st century and bring you WiFi for just $40. This bite size device fits in your pocket for easy and convenient transport, and it offers a bunch of power options, including a built-in plug and mini USB connector. There’s also a second USB port, so you can hook up a UMTS/HSPA/EVDO USB 3G modem and dish out to other wireless devices. This WiFi hero will be available on December 14th at the typical retailers, including Fry’s, Micro Center, B&H Data Vision, Newegg and Amazon.