They Injected Steroids In This Keyboard Controller

Here’s a knob that needs to be held. The Griffin PowerMate ($60) allows for customizable programming of frequently used functions, such as scrolling, volume control, opening files, etc. The scrolling wheel/knob comes in handy for anyone who works within a certain program a lot, such as iTunes, video editing or RSS readers. It’s also Bluetooth compatible, enabling wireless connection to a computer. No ugly wires cluttering up a desk And hey, there’s a pretty blue light underneath. Even that can be customized.

The Minuum Keyboard Project: Small, Smart Texting

Somehow society has become OK with the fact that every other text message we send/receive is laced with typos, bizarre wrong words, and insane grammar choices. It doesn’t have to be that way, people. Minuum is a preciously petite keyboard that also promises accurate typing, no matter how fast and furious your fingers are flying. The secret sauce is a specialized auto-correction algorithm that is said to interpret in real-time the difference between what you type and what you mean. For example, if I were to accidentally type “Mom, when can I visit?” Minuum would know what I really meant was  “Mom, you’re 63, let’s assisted living ASAP!”

Carrot: Snarky To-do List App

The typical to-do list doesn’t really offer much in the way of incentives, other than the incentive to finally be able to toss that scrap of paper in the trash. The Carrot app brings some much-needed ‘tude to your phone in the form of a game; cross off the items on your list and you earn points that can be redeemed for prizes like jokes and gifts, while failing to fulfill your errands loses those points and elicits wiseass remarks like “It’s been hours since you’ve been useful.” Insulting, sure, but still less annoying than a scrap of paper.

Mailbox: It Delivers On Saturdays, Plus Much More!

While the U.S. Postal Service may be cutting back, there’s a new iPhone app that could soothe your senses–once your name is called. Mailbox is a free application that turns your iPhone inbox into more of a to-do list, letting you check off messages with a series of speed-based swipes. A fast swipe to the right archives a message; a slow swipe deletes it. Swing your finger to the left and it gets the “snooze”, coming back to your inbox at a later time. As we mentioned, you’ll have to wait for it. As it stands now, you gotta download the app to reserve your spot in line; a line some 250,000 people deep.