Gentleman’s Survival Kit: Cast Away ‘Wilson’ And Keep This

Imagine you went all Tom Hanks style and found yourself stranded on a desert island. Not a dessert island, with cupcake pebbles, creme brulee caves, and luscious Yoo-Hoo rivers, but a desert island: no humans, no technology. Cast Away made it seem like a volleyball would be your most prized possession, but we’d opt for something more like the Gentleman’s Survival Kit (sadly, it’s not for sale). Starting with a vintage briefcase, blogger pscmpf didn’t waste any time buying vowels for his screen name; instead he built this beauty with a crafty mix of scrap wood, tin, and leather. He then loaded it up with essentials like a hatchet, kindling chips, a flask, and some Jack Daniels–and Jack beats Wilson every time.