Range Rover Autobiography: Big Enough For Both Little League Teams

Those postgame trips for ice cream are among the best memories we have from our Little League careers. But cramming into the coach’s dirty pickup truck… eh. If the kids deserve ice cream, don’t they also deserve to ride in a first-class SUV? The long-wheelbase Range Rover ($227,00) features an amazing amount of legroom and recline-ability for the rear seats. There’s also automatic window blinds, a panoramic sunroof and a sliding front passenger seat. And if that’s not enough for the little snot-nosed runts, the new Autobiography Black trim level ups the luxury ante even more. Kids these days.

2014 Range Rover Sport: Aimed At The Alpha Males

As if its off-road abilities, thirst for fuel, and macho shape weren’t enough to draw scores of manly men to the 2014 Range Rover Sport, 007 himself, Daniel Craig, popped out of the thing in New York to add a dash of flair to the vehicle’s already cemented ruggedness. The new Sport promises to be lighter, stiffer, and stronger, with a new drivetrain and optional 3rd row seating. Maybe Octopussy can stretch out back there.

2013 Range Rover

Like Miley Cyrus’ evolution from jailbaitish tween star to short-haired hipster, Land Rover’s Range Rover is also evolving from rugged & boxy to less boxy & more sexy. The 2013 edition still has that classic flat roof, but its transitions from roof to trunk and roof to hood are now much more fluid. Checking in at 39%  percent lighter than last year’s model, you’ll have no problem getting speed out of the V8. Look for pricing next month.