Wu-Tang Clan Welcome Mats

“Wu. Tang!. Wu. Tang!” “Wipe yer feet! Wipe yer feet!” That’s the new chant you and the friends will shout out with these Wu-Tang Clan Welcome Mats.┬áIt’s uncertain how the Wu-Tang Clan would feel about you wiping your size 11’s on their symbol, but if they get royalties, hey, wipe away.

Eazy-E Air Freshener: For That Straight-Outta-Compton Aroma

Eazy-E may have died tragically young, but his legend has endured. Now would anyone really wanna smell like the man, dead or alive? I mean, no. Not really. Fortunately this Eazy-E air freshener smells like apple (we’ll assume E’s favorite variety was Golden Delicious, with the occasional nod to a ripe McIntosh). Pimp your Corolla with the likeness of the godfather of gangsta rap, and keep your ride smelling like a fresh fruit stand. I’m pretty sure that’s how Eazy would’ve done it.

Fat Boys Pizza Box Vinyl Reissue

Consider yourself lucky if you grew up in the era of the Fat Boys. The Human Beat Box, Kool Rock Ski, and Prince Markie Dee had more fun with their beats & rhymes than all other rappers combined from the years 2000-20012. They were never shy about their love of food (trans fats hadn’t been invented yet), so it’s only fitting that a reissue of the Fat Boys debut album is released on vinyl–inside a pizza box. This chunky set comes with a 20-page liner notes booklet and a download card for bonus materials.