Ridekick Electric Trailer

Let’s face it. You look good compared to the heavy-breathing doughnut hoarder who sits in the cube next to you, but the years are passing and you probably don’t have the stamina you used to. But thanks to the new Ridekick electric bicycle trailer, priced at $700, you can get that extra push you need when riding your bike – a push of up to 19 mph, to be exact. Installation sounds pretty simple and takes about 12 minutes, or so they say. Just attach the mounting mechanism to the rear wheel, run a throttle control to the handle bars, and attach the trailer. Voila! You’ve got just the kick in the a– you needed to get the most from your ride. And it only takes about 30 seconds to remove the device from your bike as well. Not only will the Ridekick be the wind beneath (or behind) your wings, but it provides storage as well in a stable, weather-resistant casing.  So now you can bring your briefcase, your puppy (although I wouldn’t recommend it) or your doughnuts along with you for the ride.