Miimo: Robotic Lawn Mower

All of a sudden there’s more lawn mowing robots than there are kids mowing lawns. The latest AI grass cutter/lazy-kid-enabler is Honda’s Miimo. Just set up a boundary via wire and this little gizmo will cut 2-3mm of your grass throughout the week in random patterns, giving your grass a chance to grow all healthy like. The Miimo knows to stay away from rocks and dead opossums, and even returns to its charging station when it’s low on juice. The question is: Do you trust your lawn to the Miimo, LawnBott, or Tango E5? We already know the kid is out of the question.

Romo Smart Phone Robot

Not only is Romo ($149) a pretty cool name for a Smartphone robot, but Romo is also a smartphone robot. His list of abilities is small but growing as developers create more actions for his phone-fueled brain. Watch him roll down the hallway to deliver a vodka shot to your roommate, or bust a move with him while your dance partner is recovering from the West Nile Virus. Plus look at that goofy grin. Freakin adorable.

LawnBott: The Lawn Roomba

Let’s go ahead and address your biggest concern about the LawnBott ($1,799) right off the bat: No, it does not have a built-in vibrator. Good thing too, because if the LB1500 SpyderEVO could mow your lawn and please your wife while you were out of town, you’d be coming home to a neat stack of your personal artifacts on the front porch. So relax and enjoy the pleasure of knowing this robot only needs a perimeter wire around your lawn to recognize where to cut the grass for up to 3.5 hours before it putters into its battery recharging station all by itself. Yeah, even without the love stick, you might still wanna keep an eye on this thing around your lady.

Official Sphero

Forget about Fido. The Sphero is soon to be man’s new best friend. Part robot, part ball, the Sphero is pure glowing entertainment, a programmable companion for all ages. He’s been put through the ringer, tested and tweaked, to be the first mass market robot with a navigational control system. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a charging station to power him up, a quick start guide, and access to six cool apps to get him goin’. For such a technologically advanced gadget, Sphero is really quite simple. You’ll be happy to know there are not cords to complicate things, and what’s more…Sphero doesn’t need to be spayed or neutered.

Olly: The Web-Connected Smelly Robot

Sure, So Freaking Cool looks great, but have you ever wondered how we smell? Trust us, you’re better off going whiffless. But if you long to attach a scent to your web surfing ways, Olly: The Web-Connected Robot is here to help. This little guy emits an odor of your choice with each internet ping it receives. Want to smell honey baked ham every time you check your email? Go for it, you freak. Olly has a removable section in its backside where you insert the smell of your choice, and then technology does the rest. Olly isn’t ready for mass production yet, but then again, are you ready to smell the internet?