Suntory Limited Edition Rolling Stones Whiskey

Perhaps tapping into the veins of Keith Richards, Japanese whiskey maker Suntory is releasing a limited edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey ($6,300). Only 150 bottles of the special sauce are being created, so you might wanna act fast. The whiskey is said to have a complex aroma, rich heaviness, and  smoky aftertaste–much like the blood running through Keith’s veins.

The Rolling Stones 50

The following is a So Freaking Cool Public Service Announcement: Friends, 50 years after the Rolling Stones began playing rock and roll, Mick Jagger still craves satisfaction and is having difficulties acquiring it. Won’t you please help this 69-year-old man take one step closer to fulfillment by purchasing The Rolling Stones 50 ($37.80). This 352-page hardcover book takes an exhaustive look at a half-century of one of the Mount Rushmore acts of rock–heck, of any genre. Rare photos, 1,000 illustrations, contact sheets, outtakes and much more are inside. Will that help, Mick?