Samsung DV300F

What you’re looking at right here is a nifty piece of innovation–one that could finally rid us of those hideous pictures of girls and guys in their bathroom mirrors. The 16-megapixel DV300F ($199) is Samsung’s latest DualView point and shoot product, which means it has two LCDs, including that vital one facing forward to allow you to see your mug as you snap a pic of yourself in front of the grand opening of the new Krispy Kreme down the street. The 1.5-inch display is virtually invisible when it’s turned off, and the DV300F has Wi-Fi connectivity, so sending that pic to grandma won’t take but a minute. You also get 720p video recording at 30 frames per second, along with a 5x optical zoom and 25mm wide-angle lens. Zoom in on that icing! You know how grandma likes it.